Computer shutsdown during partitioning

I'm trying to reformat a laptop HP 6450b, when Windows is trying to install, the laptop shutsdown either during the partitioning part or the "windows starting" screen.

I don't think it is overheating cause it always shutsdown at a specific part which is during the partitioning or the "windows starting" screen ( sometimes during it or just after). The motherboard and the hdd have been changed but yet the problem still persisted.
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  1. Is this is a legal copy of Windows?
  2. Try only one stick of ram? Might want to run a diagnose program on your hdd.
  3. I second the one stick attempt, I had some Dell computers and laptops that would not install an OS with two sticks installed.

  4. my mistake it's not the ram that is replaced, the hdd was replaced.
  5. sorry i'm a little new at this. so one stick means removing any extra ram on the expansion slot?
  6. i tried using one stick but the problem still occurs.
  7. System specs?

    I'm pretty much out of ideas.
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