MN-520 just stopped working

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Using a MN-500 Base Station connected to the Internet with an Efficient
Networks SpeedStream 5360. First system (Dell Dimension 2400, 2.26 GHz)
xonnected is XP SP2 via Ehternet.

Second system is a Windows ME notebook (Dell Inspirion 4000, 600 MHz)using
the MN-520 Wireless PC(MCIA) Adapter. The use a wireless Logitech keyboard
and mouse.

I tested it with an Apple USB keyboard and mouse and an Airport Extreme Base
Station with no problems.

This setup was working fine until three weeksa ago, but the customer can not
remember changing anything. Unplug 2.4 GZ cordless telephone and moved metal
lamp. Solution was to move the system closer (plug by electrical plug).

There were about 15 critical updates and 10 Windows updates needed on the
notebook, but that did not seem to affect/improve anything.

I completely uninstalled and rfeinstalled both the base station and wireless
adapter two or three times, but the setups were never without problems on
either systems and not of the suggestions ever corrected the listed problems.

Either the base station is not sending out an acceptable signal or the
adapter is not able to receive the base station signal as well as it did

Any ideas on how to determine where the actual problems is? I know the
simple answer is MS, but that is what the customer has and I have to deal
with it.

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.broadbandnet.hardware (More info?)

    Always setup and install the MN-500 on a system via a ethernet
    Make sure you have the latset firmware on the MN-500, V1.11.017
    Set it up with the desktop. Make sure everything is working correctly.
    Then setup the laptop. You do not have to have the broadband network
    utility installed on the laptop.

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    Hardware Upgrades
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