Will you go for Sony or Lenovo?


Couple of days ago Sony and LEnovo released 2 ultrabooks with almost the same features: Lenovo Ideapad U310 and Sony Vaio T13. Both laptops have not anything special besides their thin and light look, all other features are ordinary i5 ivy bridge, 500GB hyrbid drive or SSD, 4-8GB Ram.

I like both laptops so im looking to get the one with the best Brand name behind it considering reliability, durability and support.

So will you go for Sony or Lenovo?
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  1. Everybody knows Sony, hardly anybody knows Lenovo. That should tell you a lot.
  2. I tend to like Lenovo brand laptops, since sony's usually come with a premium price to it due to brand. Though Sony is having a free ps3 or vita deal if you buy select laptops/ultrabooks with a student or faculty account.
  3. i bought 3 lenovos (1143-d7u) in the last month one of them stopped charging. i took the battery out and plugged in ac power nada, then i smelt it. unscrewed the cover for the hdd, and under and on the edge of the hdd and on the motherboard all burned up.

    i use small form factor lenovo desktop and have never had a problem, but was disapointed with the laptops so far.

    cant speak for sony havn't bought one in a few years due to price.
  4. geekapproved said:
    Everybody knows Sony, hardly anybody knows Lenovo. That should tell you a lot.

    Except that Lenovo was the #2 PC manufacturer last year behind HP. Most of their products aren't too flashy, but they are very durable and give good support/warrantee coverage.

    I've had a Lenovo for several years now (Everyone at my school does). The people who have the most issues are people with HP, then Sony laptops.

    Could be different now.

    Moreover, Sony is ethically a crappy company compared to IBM\Lenovo. That plays into my purchasing decisions...
  5. I have bad taste in the mouth from Sony. Good look finding drivers for their web site if you need to reinstall Windows, and don't have **original Sony-made** software.
  6. In my experience Lenovo make some very good machines. The build quality always seems to be of a very high standard which for my money is an important factor when it comes to buying a laptop. You will also find that the majority of reviews for Lenovos are positive.
  7. I have a Sony Vaio (ready to go at a moments notice). Of all the laptops I've owned or worked on, it is my favorite for both (working on and working with) IBM real close behind. Lenovo is a good brand, just without the marketing budget of Sony. I've owned Toshibas, IBMs, Acers and Sony and have fixed (when possible), all of the above makers along with a few HPs and Dells. I have never owned or repaired a Lenovo (I only know one person with one and we usually do not talk computers).
    Problem with Sony is (as has been pointed out) they are a little pricy if not on some kind of sale (how I afforded mine).
  8. Don't touch Sony. I am not sure about lenovo but most Sony support is ultra bad and they lock down the bios which is ridiculous.

    I am just voting against a Sony
  9. the lenovo will be better , sony always manage to overprice their underspecc'd machines in my opinion

    Lenovo may not have quite the same ring to it as IBM used to ( they took over IBM's production of laptops with the think-pad line)
    But there products are sound , and Sony's build quality varies wildly , they just aren't the rock solid manufacturer of the 90's

    give me the choice ... and for an ultrabook its all about looks so it comes down to the look on your lap ;-)

    "ps .. dont use a laptop on your lap it will burn you and mr synth cannot be held responsible for when too much diablo 3 causes this

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