Dell Inspiron Freeze - is it the Battery?

Dell Inspiron 1370 freezes - I have reformatted and removed the battery but the problem re-occurrs when I re-fit the battery. Should I risk buying a new battery?
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  1. Freezes how exactly? How long have you run without the battery? Does it happen in any application?
  2. Have you cleaned out the laptop? The symptoms you describe could be caused by overheating, which could be caused by blocked cooling vents.
  3. Hi Rico_60,

    As per the description could be a concern with the BIOS.

    Kindly visit the following link to update the BIOS for your computer.

    Please ensure that we have both the AC adapter and the battery plugged in while updating the BIOS. Battery should have more than 10% charge as well.

    Amrinder D
    Social Outreach Professional
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