New MacBook Pros, what do you guys think?

So Apple have just announced their new MacBook Pros, and to be perfectly honest, I think they're waaay too overpriced. Take a look at this: $2000 for 256gb ssd? What?!
I've had a few of my friends tell me that I'm crazy for saying they're overpriced, but I just don't think they're worth it. What dyou guys think?
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  1. The pricing for MBA doesn't surprise me. It is Apple after all.

    However its slim design is really nice. If I lots of spare money I would probably just get one to throw windows 7 on there (it would make a nice laptop for a light gaming fix).

    The display is supposedly really good as well (crazy resolution!), would be great for photo editing.
  2. It's great if you have more money than common sense.
  3. Macbooks are nice, but I can't see spending over $2500 on a laptop. I mean, you can get a super fast i7 PC laptop for a little over $1000. An i7 ultrabook is under $1500 as well.
  4. Love the retina display.
  5. To me, buying Apple products are sort of an I.Q. test.
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