Is a cooling pad required

i currently use this sony vaio laptop

i noticed it getting hot, when i played games like blur on it. i checked the temperature of cpu using 'real temp'
when playing blur--
load 95-100%
max temp- 69 c
real temp shows ok

unknowingly i have played blur about 2-3hr continuously in the past. no overheating problems so far, apart from some random freezing of screen.....
so should i buy a cooling pad, pls visit the product site and provide me with a good compatible cooling pad.
is the Cooler Master Notepal X Lite Cooling Pad (Black)

thanks in advance
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  1. Your temps are nothing to be concerned about but keep an eye on them, if above 75-80C, I would consider opening it up and giving it a good cleaning.
    A cooling pad, although not required, is a good thing to have and use. It will help with temps. My personal preference for a cooling pad currently is the CoolerMaster Notepal U2 or U3 (which allow the fans to be placed directly under your vents). The notepal X, that you had linked to would probably be quieter and depending upon your vent placement, may be just as effective. This is the one I like but it is quite a bit more $$ than the Notepal X
    I've had laptop heat issues in the past so I always use a cooling pad (I believe it helps).
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