Why do Toshiba's have a greater Windows Experience Index (WEI)

I compared WEIs at Best Buy of different laptops with the i3 2350M and HD 3000 graphics. Gateway, HP, and Acer all had a Graphics WEI rating of 4.5 - 4.7 but the two Toshiba's were rated at 5.8. How can Toshiba do that and is it a real indicator of performance?
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  1. To give a decent answer to your question, links would be needed to each of those laptops so that all specs can be compared fully.
  2. I'd go with the Toshiba out of those 4 brands. best quality
  3. Depends on how the WEI breaks down. If they have identical CPUs and no discrete graphics, I'd guess the Toshiba's have 7200rpm HDDs while the others are 5400rpm. Again, just a WAG.
  4. WEI isnt a great indicator of performance
    because who knows what a demo model has running on it when u run the WEI or what settings people have played with

    Toshiba is the best brand out of the 4
  5. All had 4Gb of RAM and a 500 Gb hard drives. The lowest score was with the Graphics even with the Toshiba. All were in the $400 range.
  6. All 3 had identical hardware including the same amount of the same speed RAM, same processor, same hard drive size and speed and same graphics?

    If so that just shows you how useless WEI is as a benchmark.

    That being said I have a Toshiba laptop and I am really impressed. I have had an Acer as well and to me the Toshiba is better in every way.
  7. Hey, why not start a 4th post on this subject?

    It is soooooo interesting....
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