How does Toshiba achieve a higher Windows Experience Index

I was comparing the WEI of different laptops and found that Toshiba's had much higher Graphic number. All had the I3 2350m and HD 3000. HP, Acer, Gateway, all had numbers between 4.5 - 4.7. The two Toshibas were 5.8.
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  1. Triple post.
  2. Hey, why not start a 4th post on this subject?

    It is soooooo interesting....
  3. Now there is an "Expert" response. I am just trying to get the best performance for the money and WEI is the only thing that I have to gauge performance between two computers in the store. A lot of people comment that it isn't a good indicator but don't state why. Individual component reviews only give you an idea of what the performance might be.
  4. WEI tests a bunch of components individually and the WEI score is set to the lowest individual score. This does not always correspond to what would actually be considered a limiting factor for gaming because it considers hard driver performance to be of equal importance to memory or graphical performance
  5. ^ This.

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