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Hello, i have a toshiba satellite t235-s1350 that has black screen with blinking cursor running on windows 7..many solution refer to the use of a cd/dvd. but this system has no cd/dvd only has a usb. just before this happend my computer went into shut down mode randomly twice then upon my 3rd attempt to restart i was faced with the black screen and blinking cursor. Attempts to use retore from the bios is not an option as that option does not appear on my sytems bios.

Please help!!
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  1. does your bios detect your hard drive? (one of those times where its laways handy to have a dvd drive but you dont have one)
  2. not sure if its detecting my hard drive. but i was wondering if there is a way to get the recovery info onto my flash drive then try to recover my system via flash drive??
  3. First you need to see if it is detecting the drive, if not, recovery will be useless. What will it recover to?

    Reseat the drive, go into the BIOS, see if the drive is show, also that it's in the boot order.

    What you are seeing happens when the system can't find a boot partition.
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