Elitebook 8540w Fan is always 100%

Hey guys, looking for some help on this issue as I have done all I can think of...

Shortly after this PC boots up the Fans instantly go up to 100% speed, extremely loud and annoying. It will never drop in speed.

-I've tried cleaning all the vents with compressed air, totally clean.
-I've tried updating the nvidia quadro drivers (there are multiple choices though?)
-I updated the bios to the newest version (2012)

My fan is still whirling away. Even in the bios the fan is blasting. I don't see any settings in the bios that reflect fan speed. Tried multiple fan software controls and can't find a way to slow the fan down.

Any ideas on what I can try next? I just want this thing to shut up.

Thanks all.
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  1. Have you measured your CPU temps?
    If they're really high that's one reason the fans would run 100%.
  2. Pretty sure it's not the temps. As I said it doesn't matter where or when, the fan is always 100% even on first boot.

    Here's my temps on the i7 620m:
    Core 0: (min) 31c-47c (max)
    Core 1: (min) 25-37c (max)


    I think I may have found the issue... In FanSpeed it shows my HD0 (I guess harddrive heat sensor?) is showing 242c....

    Now I'm pretty sure my HDD is not over 400F right now or else I think my laptop would be in orbit from how fast it must be spinning.

    So I guess my sensor might be dead or something. Any idea how I can disable my sensors maybe? I am away on a business trip and annoyingly must use this laptop daily.
  3. Those temps are fine.
    Google searches haven't helped turn up anything that looks promising.

    A deeper looking into the BIOS options is about the only thing I can suggest at this point.
    Maybe some fan settings buried a few levels deep.
  4. check out my edit.
  5. Usually when those utilities get no data they report a default value - 242C in this case.

    You're getting good data from your active sensors - you know that from the CPU temps.

    A bad sensor or loose wire - possibilities. But the bad value in HD0 doesn't verify a sensor issue.
  6. Well it was the only shot I had I thought. Bios shows nothing on fan control, checked every single menu and sub-menu.
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