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Hi all,

Has anyone, does anyone know of a problem running the Leadtek A360 Ultra MYVIVO 256Mb GeForce FX 5950 card on either a MSI K7N2 Delta, or a ASUS A7N8X deluxe, Win XP, 1Gb DDR, 3200MHz Athlon (Barton) a 550W PSU etc I am having extreme problems in stability. The PC will not run 3D Mark 2003 past the CPU test. I have changed the CPU,RAM,Mainboard and the Graphics card all to no avail, I also have the latest drivers for the Mobo and the GPU and the latest BIOS up grades for both. In 2D the card run ok but not in 3D.
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  1. I have had problems like that, just install all the drivers given to u by asus/abit then install the driver from Leadtek, it works for me, expect i don't have the A360! too expensive!

    I love my pc
    but my pc hates me...
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