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Windows 7 does not recognise floppy drive

Hi, I had a floppy drive that was working fine before I had to send the motherboard back to the manufacturer then reconnect everything. Now Windows 7 finds the floppy drive in Device Manager and in Explorer, but it does not show up in Disk Management and if I try to go to the floppy disk it says "Please insert a floppy disk into drive A:" and won't recognize any floppy disk inserted. All thoughts are appreciated - thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. I just checked mine, you're one up on me, mine shows in Device Manager but doesn't show in Explorer. The difference is I have no use for it, I havn't used it for about 3 years.
    I Googled it and found others with the problem, but was unable to find any usefull replies. The main theme is why bother, use usb stick, which is fine untill you need something off one I suppose.
    The only thing I can think of if you need files off it is to get a Linux Live cd to boot with and copy the files onto your hard drive.
    If you need to know how to use it, ask again in a new thread as I know 0 about Linux use.
  2. Step by Step:
    1. Open your computer case.
    2. Disconnect the power and data cables to the floppy drive.
    3. Unscrew the floppy drive
    4. Throw it in the trash
    5. Go to Best Buy
    6. Puchase a USB Flash Drive
    Welcome to the 21 century!
    1. About 10 million times more relyable than a floppy.
    2. An 8GB flash drive will store more than 5,500 floppy's and even more if it's an old school big floppy drive.

    If you are keeping the floppies for booting, don't bother. Computers today can easily boot from a CD or DVD drive. They can also boot from a USB flash drive but it's not quite as simple yet. If you are keeping floppies for data storage don't bother the 8GB flash drive I mentioned is not only capable of handling thousands of times more data and they won't fail as easily as a floppy will. Lastly, if you have any OLD programs that you were just looking to load. Copy them from the floppies to the USB flash drive. I bet you could take every floppy you ever owned and put it on 1 flash drive.

    Bottom Line: Don't waist your time on such old technology when there is no longer a reason to even have a floppy drive.
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    I have exactly the same issue.
    1. I can boot up from my floppy drive
    2. I can see the drive in 'Device Manager' under Windows 7
    3. The Explorer does not see it and the command shell (cmd) doesn't see it.

    Enough about people saying "throw it in the trash! If you can't come up with anything 'constructive' don't post a reply.

    The basic issue for me is, "If a a hrdware is present, and recognized by by my MOBO, and DOS, why doesn't Windows 7 see it?".
    Whether the device is useful or not, is not the issue.

    I also tried replacing the "sfloppy.sys" under c:\windows\system32\drivers with one from windows XP. It didn't help.

    Finally, I found the problem to be the "Group policy Objects" . In Windows 7, the default is set under "Hide these specified drives in My Computer" under "System.adm"
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