Laptop Display Issue (HP G72-227WM)

So I was given a dead laptop from a family member, an HP G72-227WM. Basically, the screen was destroyed, and initially the power LED wouldn't even come on when plugging in the AC adapter. So I tore it apart, and found an area on the motherboard that was badly corroded, so bad that one of the pins on one of the small chips near the CPU was totally corroded through.

So, I bought a used motherboard off ebay, and a new LCD. It now boots up and works fine, except there is something wrong with the motherboard or the LCD. The display has a somewhat "staticy" look, but only on certain colors, and certain colors like black, are totally off. Example: On the POST screen, the black background is red with static running through it. Same thing when in windows, but certain things look normal, like an explorer window with white background and black text.

I was thinking probably the LCD cable is loose/bad or the screen itself is bad, but I've tried every which way of jiggling the cable and re-seating the cable and nothing works. I tried putting pressure on certain parts of the screen around the bezel in different fashions and nothing changes. However, when I so much as lightly manipulate the laptop chassis, the screen will flicker/go crazy as if the cable is loose and sometimes go black (backlight still on). I can make it do this every time by putting pressure on certain parts above the motherboard, especially above the GPU, which makes me wonder if this replacement motherboard is also bad. The seller mentioned that it had been pulled from a working laptop with a bad screen, but i'm wondering if their diagnosis of a bad screen was wrong, and it's this motherboard that was the problem. Anyone have any thoughts?

Below are some links to a few pics of what it looks like:
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  1. I was wondering if you found a solution to the red screen problem, as I have exactly the same problem.
  2. bercar said:
    I was wondering if you found a solution to the red screen problem, as I have exactly the same problem.

    Yep, it was actually the motherboard. The graphics chipset was bad. Replaced with another motherboard and it was good to go.
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