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I am finally ready to buy a new graphics card, I know which ones are value for money (I have my eye on the 9600XT), and I have enough cash for the card without going hungry for the month. However, I suspect that the next generation of cards from ATI and nVidia are just around the corner, and I assume that with their release will come a drop in price for the previous generation's cards.

My question to you, the experts at THG, is this: do you have any information on when the new cards are going to be released? If it is only in 6 months time, then it will be worth it to buy now so I can play Far Cry, HL2 and Doom3 without dropping my settings to Low which is what I currently do (my GeForce 3 is still going strong... or it was till I installed Far Cry this weekend). I want to buy this week, so any hints/tips/inside info you can supply me with will be most appreciated.

Awesome site, this is the only place I go for my hardware reviews. Keep up the excellent work!


Deon du Plessis
South Africa
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  1. Your best bet right now is a Radeon 9800 PRO.

    The prices won't drop too much on decent cards for quite a while; with the introduction of the new top cards, the old top-cards might fall a bit (the 9800XT and GeforceFX 5950), but the rest of the lineup will take a while to fall.

    the 9800 PRO still rocks the kazbah, BTW.

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