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So here's a really weird problem. My laptop has been having cooling problems all the time but this summer it is worse. I have right now an HP Compaq 6735s laptop. I have the power option on high performance right now and the temperature peaks at 85 degrees celsius. What i was wondering about is that when i have the power option on power saver the intake fan for the laptop is peaking when the degrees are 55 and higher but when i switch back to high performance the fan speed decreases dramaticly and it's there until the heat protection goes on and full speed is gained. Is that weird or am i crazy, it seems that the speed decreases when the power option is turned to high performance.

Hopefully someone has a solution to this.

All the help is appreciated.


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  1. Try going to HP's web site and look for updates to the power app. OEM's like to fool with their own software that links in to the power settings of Windows.
  2. get a can of can'd air and clean you'r fan out it is most likely full of dust mines was and was over heating also but after cleaning the fan out it is fine hope this help's
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