Need help choosing between 2 laptops

I'm currently looking for a new laptop. I've narrowed down my choices to 2 laptops, they have the same price.

Laptop 1:
Intel i3 2310M Sandy Bridge
8GB DDR3 1333MHz
15.6" 1366x768
Nvidia GTX 560M 1.5GB GDDR5

Laptop 2:
Intel i7 3610QM Ivy Bridge
8GB DDR3 1333MHz
15.6" 1366x768
Nvidia GT 650M 2GB DDR3

I will use the laptop mainly for gaming, Battlefield 3, Diablo 3, Max Payne 3.. etc..

Which one should I choose? Thanks in advance.
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    I would probably go with #2 since BF3 in MMO mode tends to use more than two cores.

    The graphic cards are more or less equal in performance.
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