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I need some advice on online computer shops. First I do not want to drop 200 - 400 bucks for a CPU and MB and not get the stuff then fight like hell to get back my money. I have been tempted with the good prices at some of these places. I had to restrained myself and I would like some opinions on these shops or any others that have products in stock. The sites I have checked out so far are, Monarch computers, Advanced computech, All star shop, Aviontech,, Bunta and What I want to get is a Abit KT7A and a AMD 1 ghz 200 or 266 fsb processor and a sound blaster live value.

Gary Hendricks
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  1. First....

    1. Check out Get a feeling for the prices.
    2. Then check out and get a feel for the vendors.

    At the end of the day I have always ended up at <b></b>. I used to, before I knew about newegg, just buy from the cheapest place on pricewatch but I will tell you right now that it is not worth the few dollars you save.

    Buy from as few vendors as possible to save on shipping costs.

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  2. BTW, you're buying some really old shite. Odds are that you'll be able to buy newer hardware cheaper.

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  3. buy from compusa online , or go to store, quality equipment, and great support <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  4. Try This is FRIES superstore's site and the stuff is usually good and prices are OK. (May not be as cheap as some but some...including newegg, will burn you.)
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