Windows 7 can't identify my CPU details

If i go to System Properties, the Processor is read as "AMD Processor Model Unknown 803 Mhz". I got a Phenom CPU X6 1055T and a compatible mb Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H ver.1. The OS loaded fine, PC is working properly. This is a new built that i did. I check my BIOS setting and the CPU Ratio = 28000 Mhz. I am assuming that the BIOS identified correctly my CPU's frequency, am i right? Do i need to do a BIOS upgrade so just Windows 7 would identify my CPU correctly? Also, for the default set value of memory clock = 800 Mhz in BIOS, is this correct if i have a 1333 Mhz DDR3 memory installed in my system.
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    It won't hurt to do a BIOS upgrade, as Windows may be a bit "confused" with the older BIOS version. I haven't heard of this problem with these new AMD CPU's, but it could be quite common. Have you checked AMD's support site/knowledge base for any other occurrences?
  2. i think its most likely the BIOS doesn't recognize the chip because from what i understand the cpu info actually comes from the motherboard. The only problem i would be concerned abt atm is dun try to overclock it. There mite be some not so fun side effects. But ya i agree wit buwish doing a bios update doesn't hurt unless ur board is from asus haha. epic fail on their windows bios update program =P
  3. plus 1 for both should be bios!
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  5. Thanks guys. I did check the DVD that comes with the MB and click the system tab to see if my MB recognizes the CPU. It did not. So, i went to Gigabyte website to check and get the latest BIOS ver. I will flash my BIOS tonite and hopefully it works. I also downloaded the guide for flashing it. Did anyone of you already flash your BIOS at one point? In case, BIOS got corrupted is there a way to recover from it?
  6. BTW, everything in my BIOS is default setting. I did not overclock CPU or memory. I just go by the specs and compatibility since this is my first PC built.
  7. flash usually goes smooth!
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