Sony Vaio E15?


I am planning to buy this sony vaio e15 from a shop in New Zealand (I live in New Zealand): =

It is NZ$1299 (approx US$1000) and has the following specs:
2.5GHz 3rd Gen Intel i5-2450M Processor <---(I'm pretty sure it's a 2nd gen processor too, maybe an error)
640GB Hard Drive
2GB AMD Radeon HD 7650M Graphics
Vaio Gesture Control

Will this notebook be suitable for me if I listen to music, create word/powerpoint documents and browse internet (up to 10 tabs) simultaneously? I am not planning to use it for gaming.

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  1. The specs you show will perform the tasks you show quite well - you might even get a little gaming in if you choose (I couldn't use the link to the actual product).
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