Which one is better.hp pavilion dv6 7040tx or hp pavilion dv6 6165tx ?

which one is better.....hp pavilion dv6 7040tx or hp pavilion dv6 6165tx ?
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    The dv6 7040tx is the better computer. It has the latest generation Ivy Bridge processor (better battery life), HDMI out, Nvidia graphics (vs AMD, I prefer Nvidia on a lappy IMO), more memory (6 GB vs 4 GB), and gigabit Ethernet if you need it. Good Luck!
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  4. Better would be 7040tx, just for NORMAL use..
    If you want a decent gaming performance from your laptop, then 6165tx's 6770m AMD will beat Nvidia 630m all hands down.


    Nvidia GT 630m

    AMD 6770m.

    Remember, 3rd Gen processors are just 10% faster than 2nd gen, but alot cooler, and in i7, you won't notice performance difference in both...

    So, choose wisely, i'll say 6165tx, as i'm into alot of gaming.. :D
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