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I did get a battery that is like new for my Dell Latitude netbook but for somereason the netbook won't charge it at all. I tried to reset the bios settings to default and still doesn't work. I also tried taking of the express charger since some batterys won't charge that way and put it to standard charge but still doesn't work. It basicly says low battery and is in use even I have the netbook AC adapter plugged it. So it won't charge at all.
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  1. I had this same problem even with a different batter that was a generic version. Basicly it only uses the power that is left on the battery and even when plugged in it says battery in use. Also I remember when it's plugged in it says over 2000 hours of life left which was not even true info. But the bettery I' am trying to use is a Dell one and it seems that it doesn't want to charge eather
  2. is the laptop/battery old? batteries wear out over time.
  3. Hi :)

    Try a NEW battery....

    All the best Brett :)
  4. I got the battery like new from Ebay and it doesn't work. Basicly there were even times it doesn't detect the battery. The netbook I got was used and I got it for $80 so it was a good deal. I think this netbook was made around 2008 or so since it normaly came with Windows Vista Home Basic but I upgraded it to Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

    What is also strange is that when I got a new generic battery that will work for my netbook it did the same thing.
  5. I first tried this battery and it didn't want to charge basicly it was like I' am using the batteries even I was plugged in.

    Second battery I tested did the same thing but the main difference is that there were times it says no battery detected.

    Do you guys think I should get this battery that cost little more but then it's 100% new? I don't know if this battery will work.
  6. with battery issues it could be a few simple thing..the chip in the battery is bad and the mb cant read that there a battery there. sometimes wiping the contracts off the battery and battery bay fixes a issue of dirty contacts. the other issue is has the mb battery charger that it not detecting any battery. the last issue that happens a lot is that the ac block is putting out an output to keep the laptop on but not outputting the voltage needed to recharge the battery. if you have a micro center or a store that has another ac adaptore that you can try or someone that have a muilt meter that you can read the dc output. (the output is stamped onto the adapter).
  7. So the most common thing happens is the AC adapter not giving enough power to the computer and battery? If so I should probley just buy a new adapter on Ebay but I hope that will fix the issue.
  8. well before you buy one see what the output is on the one you have now..also see if there a store like best buys or micro center that has walk in support..they may have a test ac adaptor that you can see if a new one will work.
  9. Also one thing I noticed that is that everytime I unplug the power cord while the computer is off and plug it back in I have to press the power botton 5 times before it loads windows all the way since 4 times while it's showing the Dell screen it shuts off.

    If I leave the power plug plugged in and then turn off the computer and then back on then I don't have to press 5 times to load the computer all the way since just pressing once works fine. It basicly only happens then I unplug the power cord and plug it back in then I have to press 5 times before it loads all the way since 4 times it keeps shutting off.
  10. So maybe it is because of the power adapter that isn't giving enough power making the computer shut off right away after the Dell screen shows. Basicly the Dell screen is the first screen that shows before anything it's also the screen when you press like F12 to goto the bios. But of cource I don't know that's why I' am asking here. Btw thank you for so far helping me on this I truely appreciate it.
  11. LOL I just found out that my power adapter is from HP and not Dell also the voltage is 18.5V 3.5A and Dell adapters for my model has 19.5V 4.62A. But does just one volt can cause this problem? If just one volts is not enough power then I will need to buy a new Dell adapter for my netbook. Apparently the owner didn't have the original power adapter when I got this netbook used.

    Also the adapter I have is 65W and I need 90W.
  12. I did order a new adapter for my netbook from Ebay so hopefuly it will work and my battery will charge. But I do think eatherway that my battery was bad since it said it was bad on the battery meter. I will probley get the same battery again.
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