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My Acer aspire one laptop isn't starting up properly, when I start it up all I get is a black screen with a flashing white line in the upper left-hand corner, can someone tell me whats going on?
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  1. You'd better contact your laptop manufacturer for support.
    Just from curiosity - how large is this flashing line, is it possible it to be some kind of prompt?
  2. I'm pretty sure it's just like a dash line, but I'm not sure. When I called the Acer tech support one guy told me I had to replace something, when I called again for a second opinion the guy told mrnsomething completely different.
  3. That usually means it can't boot from the first device that is configured in BIOS. Unplug any USB devices you have and try again. If that doesn't work, check your BIOS to make sure your hard drive is list first under boot order. If that still doesn't work, odds are you have a bad hard drive or your file system is jacked up. If neither of these work, report back here and we'll move to the next step!
  4. Just follow these steps and u'll be ok

    Aspire One's are notorious for boot issues unfortunately
  5. My daughter's Acer Aspire One (KAV60) won't start. The Windows XP screen comes up, then it goes to the Acer screen, then straight to the Safe Mode start-up screen, but none of the options will work ... I can't open in Safe Mode, I can't revert to the Last Known Good Configuration. When I try 'Alt - F10', it says 'Windows is loading files.....', then I get the BSOD. I can get to the Setup Utility screen (from F2), but I don't know what to try from there. I tried to go to the blog, listed above, but it doesn't exist anymore ...

    This is a netbook ... It doesn't have a CD drive and, although I know that I created restore discs when I got it for my daughter, I can't seem to locate them.

    Any suggestions? Do I need to start a new thread? I'm posting here because it looked like the blog link might work, but now I'm stuck ... :??:

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! If I can't fix her computer, she wants to use mine ... I REALLY like my computer ... lol
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