Would this laptop be any good for gaming?

I am looking for a laptop that can play games well but also do work. I will probably be playing games like BF3, League of Legends and Skyrim. Do you think this laptop is good enough to handle it? If not could you recommend a good laptop that is reasonably priced and available in New Zealand?

2.1GHz 3rd Gen Intel i7-3612QM Processor
4GB DDR3 RAM (although I will upgrade it to 8GB)
750GB Hard Drive
2GB AMD Radeon HD 7650M Graphics
This laptop is from the updated sony E series

Thanks for your help :)
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  1. BF3 will likely be at low-medium in multiplayer, but LoL you will be able to max, and Skyrim at least medium with some higher settings possible.

    Notebook check doesn't have any gaming benchmarks yet but you can see where it falls in line with similar cards: http://www.notebookcheck.net/AMD-Radeon-HD-7650M.70632.0.html
  2. Depends on the resolution. If the screen is 1366x768 then the above holds true. If it's 1600x900, then you'll be dealing with a mix of low and medium settings to get decent performance unless you lower the resolution to 1366x768 for games.
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