Method of reset bios password in lenovo motherboard

Hello,I am changing my hard drive when i try to go to the bios whit f2 botton asking for password,and i dont have password help me pleas.
thank you
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  1. Sorry, no way to crack the BIOS password. You need to contact Lenovo. It most likely requires you to send the laptop back to them so that they can service it for you. Whether or not the laptop is still under warranty this will likely result in a service charge.

    They will likely require you to provide personal information that identifies you as the original owner. If you bought it second hand, then the only way to change transfer ownership to you in Lenovo's system is to find the person you bought the laptop from (hopefully he/she is the original owner) and have that person contact Lenovo to initiate the transfer of ownership process. Of course, if you can find the original owner you can simply ask him/her for the password, unless it has been forgotten.

    Otherwise, there is nothing you can do... and you will receive no further help in this forum.
  2. There is another problem with this. I have a Lenovo n100 laptop. I chose to change the hard drive and upgrade the memory. Before doing so, I entered the bios, which had no password protection, and set all passwords to the same simple six letter word. I backed up everything on an external usb drive using the "rescue & recovery" program. After the new drive & memory were installed, I turned on the unit and it wikk simply not accept the password I set, I am the original owner. Lenovo won;t even talk to me because I am out of warranty. Fry's (where I bought it) wants almost $200.00 to "repair" it. How can this happen, especially after following all instructions exactly?
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