HIS Ice-Q 9800 Pro Frame Rate Problems

Hi I'm running a HP Pavilion 7955 w/ 512 Mb of RAM, 1.5ghz 478 P4, the HIS Ice-Q 9800 Pro and I'm getting BAD frame rates... I understand that the agp bus is only a 4x and the CPU isn't the greatest, but I scored a 18000 on aquamark very high preset. I looked on a part of the Toms site that scored it on their 3.2 p4 system at nearly 45k AquaMarks which comes to approximately 27k AquaMarks OVER what I'm running. I think I have a problem somewhere. My Ti 4200 was running UT 2004 at high settings smoother than my 9800 Pro us running it at lower graphics settings. Any help is highly appreciated...


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  1. go to www.driverheaven.net and download drivercleaner, the reason your card is performing horrible is because the old Nvidia drivers hasn't been removed.

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  2. I wouldn't say that for SURE, but it's a possibility.

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  3. it looks more likely to be a system bottleneck to me.

    if you can afford a card like that then you can afford a basic motherboard cpu ram upgrade. athlons are so cheap now that its madness not to. your frames will leap massively if u do.
  4. The system bottleneck certainly limits what the 9800pro can do, but even so I think there is a good chance that some old drivers may be causing problems as well. His system would cap aquamark in the low 20,000 range, but it should still run as smooth as a ti4200 unless there is something going on that I'm not thinking of.
  5. I just got that driver cleaner and cleaned out EVERY video driver I could find... I then reinstalled my 9800 Pro to the drivers ON THE CD. So I'm guessing those are the specific drivers from HIS for this card. I'm still getting 18500 aquamarks or so... I just ordered up myself an athlon 64 system, but I'm still going to try to figure out where the bottleneck is here. I have 512 mb of ram, although it is on 3 different sticks and 2 different companies so I'm not sure if that would have anything to do with it. I was thinking about buying a new CPU but I onyl have a 400mhz bus on this and there is a limited number of P4 chips that are still 400 mhz bus. Thanks for all those that took their time to reply.

  6. Check your settings. Aquaark means very little to me, since the default benchmark is only ONE setting,no high now low. Run it at default.

    Second, UT2K4 will adapt for your card, and run more stuff. The R9800 can use all the features, and will run with more detail. You may even be running with AA/AF on. The GF4 will run bare minimum . That may explain your speed differences. Check the settings of both UT2K$, and the setting in you control panel. aring that, make sure your chipset and mobo drivers are up to date, and your BIOS settings are set appropriately. Likely something missed in the swap.

    There is no way that an R9800PRO (Especially and Ice-Q) will get lower FPS than a GF4ti, even in Quake 3. Something else is holding it back.

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  7. Ok, I took my settings all the way down to performance in the control panel, and I did a little test. I noticed I get THE SAME FPS if I set all the settings as far down as they go and as far up as they go in UT2004. I get about 20-30 fps depending what's on the screen. It is pretty consistent. I also noticed that when the screen is a little jumpy, my HDD activity light is going nuts. Any ideas?

  8. Install your chipset drivers again, then install catalyst again, make sure aa/af's off when you're doing benchmarks.

    -AMD Athlon64 3200+@2300mhz -GAK8N -3x512 Hynix PC3200 ram@192mhz 2.5-3-3-7 -Albatron 5900PV @ 560/1000 -SB Audigy -Adaptec 1210SA Raid -2x120G Seagate SATA150 7200.7 Raid0 -Enermax 460watt psu
  9. I think basicly everything in your current system is holding your graphics card back, i have a p42ghz system (400mhz) 512mb ram and a intell motherboard and when i put my 9800pro in i get about 7-8 thousand on 3dmark01 se but in my new pc (below) i get around 16-17. Pretty sure it is just a system bottleneck mainly becuase of all the things you have tried. I think getting a new system is a good move becuase your 1.5ghz p4 just wont cut it with such a new(ish) card. Unless you havent got your chipset drivers installed but i dont think you would have even got 18k on aquamark then.

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