Hp pavilion dv6500 webcam drivers windows 7

Hi everyone

does anyone know where I can get a Win 7 driver for my laptop. HP do not seem to support Win 7 at all so I guess that I am looking for an independantly written driver.

Help please.

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  1. http://welcome.hp.com/country/us/en/support_task.html
    Enter your model

    EDIT: You might need to copy and paste the URL to get the right web page.
  2. Thank you for that link but I am afraid that HP do not support Windows 7, this is why I am hoping for an independently written driver.
  3. HP does provide Windows 7 for:
    » HP Pavilion dv6500 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC
    » HP Pavilion dv6500ew Entertainment Notebook PC
    » HP Pavilion dv6500z CTO Entertainment Notebook PC

    Is yours one of these?

    You only want to use drivers from your device's/computer's manufacturer.
    Anything else will not be what you need.
    Your only other option is to buy a external webcam that has a Windows 7 driver.
  4. The designation on the label is DV6525em.

    The problm is that HP do not seem to support Win7 at all. Most of their Vista drivers work OK (for example the Quick Launch Buttons) but not the webcam. I know from research on the web that there are hundreds of us HP laptop owners who are suffering the same problem.
  5. Now that you have provided accurate model information, you might get some usable assistance.

    It appears like HP requires the purchase of their own version of Windows 7 upgrade.
  6. I am in touch with HP over this so watch this space! I will let you know what happens.
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