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i am using a pc through my samsung led tv. i have set the graphics card to 1920 1080p as recomended. it will not go higher and my screem is not filled. please tell me how i can fill the screen.
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  1. Hi macc,

    Please provide the model number of your Samsung LED TV.


    Windows Outreach Team
  2. Check the Samsung manual for PC resolution settings, if you don't have it you can download it from Samsung.
    Samsung also have a zoom function to adjust screen size and position, read the manual under pc settings.
  3. It may also be a display driver scaling issue - I know the computer I use at work does not like the screens I work with, have to "overscan" them in the ATI driver to fit the screen.

    What video card are you running and what driver?
  4. Two things you can try:

    1. Go into ATI Catalyst Control Panel or nVidia Graphics Panel (don't know the exact name), look for an option for HDTV scaling and slide the bar / scale to 100%.

    2. Try going into your HDTV menu Video Options and try various Aspect Ratio options. My LG 47LH90 has something called "Just Scan" and that solved my issues.
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