Sony Vaio F series fan problem

My Sony Vaio F series laptop squeaks whenever I turn it on and it continues to squeak as long as it is on. I believe the fan is struggling to work because the computer, although extremely hot when it is working fine, is even hotter now. Can I take this to any tech to have it fixed?
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  1. Not all computer techs will work on laptops (they are sort of a specialty thing) but if you find one that does, they will be able to repair/replace your squeaky fan. You may find that you'll have to ship it somewhere for repair. Be sure to get a quote and guarantee also.
    If you aren't too intimidated by the inside of your laptop, you could open it yourself to do a physical cleaning (as opposed to simply blowing air through the vents) which may also help. Many Youtube videos to help, look up your exact model number to see what is involved in disassembly - not all laptops disassemble the same.
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