500 laptop for college/gaming

I'm looking at two laptops at the 500 dolalr price range.




The samsung has a 1.8ghz a8, with the integrated 6620g

The lenovo has a 1.5ghz a6, with a dedicated 6650m (as well as the integrated card)

My question is, should I go for the more powerful gpu or cpu? I know the lenovo will run games better, but I'm not sure if the hit in the cpu department is worth it considering that this will also be my college computer.

The most demanding game I'll be running is bf3, but I'm fine doing that at a lower setting. I just need it to be playable in multiplayer. Will the 6620g be good enough for that?

I'm leaning toward the lenovo, but I just can't decide if the trade off is worth it.
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  1. It depends on what you will be using the laptop for other than gaming. If you are gonna be doing something CPU intensive like CAD, graphic design, 3D rendering, video encoding, then a faster CPU would be better.

    If you are just going to use it to type papers, reports, homework which does not involve anything very CPU intensive, surf the net, then I would just go with the Lenovo for better gaming experience.
  2. I like the Lenovo, since it has a better GPU. That would give you more gaming power when you need it. I'm not sure on the build quality of either, but I'm sure either will be just fine.
  3. Also found an HP laptop with Quad Core CPU and dedicated 7690 GPU for $500!!! You can upgrade parts if you like!
    Here's the link for ya!
  4. dayum that would have been nice. But5 I already ordered the lenovo over the weekend =/

    thankyou for your input, and I'll try it running games like battlefield 3 and post my results.
  5. lunyone said:
    Also found an HP laptop with Quad Core CPU and dedicated 7690 GPU for $500!!! You can upgrade parts if you like!
    Here's the link for ya!

    Hey lunyone,

    the link is already expired. Any chance you have an updated one?
  6. Here it is!

    If it doesn't work just select Laptops>Select AMD CPU's only>Then go down to the $499 option, which should be DV6ZQE model number. You can upgrade to the A6-3430MX for $20 and you can use a coupon code to get $20 off, so you get the A6-3430MX APU for free!
  7. I really wish I had waited now, but c'est la vive. The lenovo should be more than sufficient for my needs
  8. Yeah I'm think the same on the Lenovo. I believe it is just as good as the HP I link, but I've been a bit cautious on HP and their manufacturing/support of the past. Not sure how well HP is now, but I've had some interesting experiences with HP laptops in the past.
  9. Yeah, lenovo is a pretty well trusted manufacturer.
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