AGP aperture size?

I just upgraded my comp and I cant remember what the agp aperture size should be set to. Its set to 64 now but I am thinking it was higher on my old comp. My system specs are as follows.

P4 2.66ghz/533bus
512meg ddr333 dual channel set up
Built by ATI radeon 9600 128 meg(non pro, 325/400)
2x 40gig hdrives 7200rpm(samsung,maxtor)
WinXP professional

I am also wondering what this setting actually does, in regards to performance and stability.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Set it to 128mb

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    128mb ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (430/374)
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  2. The AGP aperature size sets the maximum amount of allocatable system memory to be used as video memory. Most likely hardly any of this memory will actually be used, as there are hardly any games/benchmarks that use more than 128mb of video ram. However, like a windows page file, there is always SOME data on there, it's neccessary.

    Everything I have read says that 128 is the setting with the best performance. Why I'm not exactly sure, as it won't all be allocated anyways.

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  3. Thanks again, I set it to 128 and there it shall stay:)
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