Can my gateway nv59 run a sata3 ssd?

I have a gateway nv59 .will it run a top line ssd?sata3. ? ....
More importantly..will it make a huge difference?is there a chance of hardware conflicts?
It has an i3 2.13 ghz.....upgraded to 8 gb of ram
And a 1gb hd radeon 5650
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    Yes it will. Even if at slower than SATA3 speeds, it will still be much faster than a traditional HDD. No hardware conflict issues should arise from putting in an SSD but make sure you have (or the SSD comes with) software to transfer your operating system onto the new SSD.
  2. thankyou foryour reply. i ended up with a Kingston hyper x...
    and yes sir. .what an amazing difference in speed. i will never go with a old style hard
    drive again. ssd is the bomb diggity.i recommend to all.
  3. Hehe - wait until update time - I had multiple updates about 3 months ago, took over an hour and fifty minutes to download at high speed. The install window came up with the standard, "Several updates have been downloaded and updates may take several minutes..." I didn't finish reading the first three words before the screen went away - it was done.
    Should add here though, be diligent about backups - if an SSD dies (rare but happens) all is lost! With an HDD, there was the possibility of data retieval, with SSD - no chance. Backups are your friend - DVD's are cheap.
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