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I have WIN XP Pro and want to import bookmarks which Ive exported from my IE browser under WIN 98 and now have burned to a CD. The problem is Ive more than 300 URLS in a folder called "Favorites" burned to the CD and the Import Wizard in WIN XP Pro requests EACH URL 1 at a time. How do I import ALL URLS at once into my WIN XP PRO 6.0 IE?
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  1. The easiest way I can think of is to just replace the newer Favorites folder with your saved copy off the CD.

    Open Windows Explorer, and go to Documents and Settings--"your screen name"--Favorites. You'll see an icon with a "star".

    Left-click on the Favorites folder on the CD, so that the folder is highlighted. Then right-click on the folder, and choose "Copy".

    Navigate back to your screen name folder in WinXP, and double-click so the contents of the folder are open on the right. Right-click in the right window pane, and choose "Paste" from the menu. When the copy operation begins, allow the older Favorites folder to overwrite the WinXP Favorites folder.

    Then right-click on the copies Favorites folder, go to Properties and clear the "Read-only" attribute.

    Another method. Open the WinXP Favorites folder, and delete everything inside. Open the Favorites folder on the CD, and use the Ctrl+a keyboard command to highlight all the files. Use Ctrl+c to copy them. Then double-click the WinXP Favorites folder to open it, so the contents of the folder are in the right-click window pane. Left-click in the right window pane, and use Ctrl+v to paste the copied files into the folder. Then change the folder Read-only attribute.

    Or ...

    While in Windows Explorer, just drag the Favorites folder off the CD to your screen name folder in the left window pane. Overwrite the WinXP Favorites folder. Change the Read-only attribute.

    If you want to keep the star folder icon, right-click on the Favorites folder, and go to Properties--Customize--Change Icon. Find the star icon, and apply it to the folder (but not as a template).

    I never use the Import/Export Wizards. My Favorites folder has 26 subfolders with 2200 links. Can you imagine how long it would take to import them, one at a time?


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