Are laptop batteries supposed to be a bit loose-fitting?

I recently purchased a new Toshiba Satellite P750-BT4G22 (shipped) and I absolutely love it, but there's one minor issue that's bothering me. My battery seems just a bit loose-fitting as when I push on it, it can move up or down a bit. It has no problems charging, regardless, and when I've taken it out and looked around, nothing looks defective, so might this be normal? My fear is mainly that minute size defects/improper measurements are causing this problem as the battery model and locks all seem to be fine, but I've seen nobody else mention this anywhere on the internet and it's kind of irritating to think I got the unlucky laptop/battery that's not fitting as it should. I'd rather not have to go through the hassle of shipping this back to Toshiba and waiting for it to be returned if it's not going to fix anything as I really am quite enjoying this laptop and any help from anyone experienced with/knowledgeable on laptops, particularly Satellites if possible, would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. if it locks fine and you have no connection issues, then it wont affect functionality any. if it really bothers you, try putting a few layers of tape in the socket to make the fit a bit snugger. i don't think Toshiba would do much if it still functions fine.
  2. From my limited experience with only using a few laptops, the battery should fit in snugly.
  3. yea its definitely not intended to be like that, bit of a strange occurance.
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