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i got the second stage windows 7 from a buddy. it was working fine up to about 2 weeks ago. once i entered the password it would take like 2 or 3 mins to get to the desktop. so i would just turn off the laptop and turn it on again and it would be fine. then a few days ago it wouldn't even go to the desktop. he suggested that i go into safe mode with networking and run my virusscan and spyware software but that turned up nothing. i restarted the laptop and it finally went to the desktop after about 1 1/2 to 2 mins. any suggestions on what i should try next to avoid this problem in the future?
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    By second stage i assume you mean the rc (build 7100)? Please clarify.

    Anyways, try re-installing win 7, make sure you back up your important files to another drive. Format and install fresh, dont ever "upgrade" when installing a beta os.
  2. If it's the Beta build, it has expired.
  3. And what Scotteq just said, if its Beta then it will have expired, so you no longer have a working OS.

    If you have the RC version downloaded, then your in luck, another FREE os for the next 6 months, but if you forgot to download the rc version, then badluck mate, its no longer available from microsoft.
  4. If it's the beta, you could try rearm and see.
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