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I'm not 100% sure this is the right forum. After looking at the others, this seemed most appropriate though. Me, our other IT guy, and our website guy are having a hell of a time figuring out this problem. We have 4 different webcams that are all exhibiting the same problems. A few days ago they intermittently quit transmitting images. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't and it seems to be completely at random.

- All four cameras are the same brand (IQEye) but different models. They are all using the same firmware version, which is the most recent, and has been running on these cameras for years with no issues.

- Four cameras, running on 3 different modems/dedicated connections and 2 different ISPs. To me this rules out specific ISP or connection issues. But just for good measure we did try power cycling one of the modems, and that did not work. The 2 cameras that share a modem can be down at the same time, or at different times from one another. At this exact moment, one is down and the other is running perfectly.

- While the cameras are not transmitting images, the dedicated IP's for those cameras can still be reached via ping and tracert, without even a hiccup. If it were a bandwidth issue you'd think that pings would be unresponsive completely or at least slower than normal, this is not the case.

We've looked for commonalities that all 4 cameras share and other than the fact that they are webcams and the weather they are in, we can't find anything.

Does anyone happen to have any insight into a situation like this? We are about to pull our hair out trying to figure this out.

EDIT: Oops, totally did not mean for this to end up in the Management section. Meant to set the category to none.
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  1. Have you tried contacting the company that makes those? Maybe you guys found a hardware/software issue with the webcam.

    I would go to them first.
  2. what server is running ? try and see if there are any problems with the server mainly disk issues.
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