Is this Samsung laptop good?

Is it good for the price and for a college student who plays LoL. Thanks. And I was also wondering if a Macbook would serve me better or if there are any other laptops that are better than this samsung one.
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  1. please read this...

    this is pretty good and has a few variants from Asus Zenbook UX31--- to UX32VD
  2. What I Bought on sale for $750. 17.3 In, i5-2510M w/540M GPU, 4 gigs Ram (Comes with one stick, so just nee to added 2nd stick - And RAM is CHEAP., 2 HDD bays, so moved over HDD (for storage) and stuck a Fast SSD in place of HDD, came with Blu-ray Rom/DVD-RW drive. For the Price is Outstanding.

    Your in to gaming, so check out if 6490M is what you want.
    Mine cam with the 540M which is a class 2 GPU, the 6490M is a class 3 GPU, so gaming capabilities are lower.
    If you scroll down, on left side you will see benchmarks for games.

    You might be better served looking for an i5 SB with the 540 M.
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