I have compaq cq61. its battery charges intermitantly.it may sop charging at any

i have compaq cq61.battery charging is intermitant.charging may stop at any level and start again, this start/stop may last for any length of time. when fully charged its performance is good
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  1. As any battery ages it loses its ability to retain a charge. Eventually the laptop won't be able to run on the battery and will only be able to boot while plugged in. The only solution is to buy a new battery.
  2. I'm running late right now, Google "broken laptop power jack" - it is likely your power jack is loose/broken - see if that fits your problems.
    Sorry for the short answer, good luck.
  3. i have tried charging my battery on another similar computer. the battery charged fully without any break. the batttery of the other computer was put on charge in my laptop,. it charged fully without any problem. could there be a software problem?
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