My enter key won't work.

Okay, so my computer would boot up to the windows logo and immediately there's a blue screen of death. I thought I should reinstall windows, but when I get to the BIOS screen to change the boot order, I find out that the enter key does not work. What I'm asking is if there's an alternative to the enter key that I can use? My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4014. Oh and sorry if I put it in the wrong section. I'm new here.
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  1. Plug in a USB keyboard and try that. If the enter key opn that works then most likely your keyboard needs to be replaced. if it does not then it's a possible motherboard issue.
  2. you don't need key if you do system recovery.It will do a factory restore so you lose all your personal data. Backup everything important.
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