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I have an Acer Aspire 4339-2618. It's a decent laptop, however, it could use more processing power. So, I'm thinking of upgrading the CPU from the stock Celeron P4600 (Socket G1). I have two possible upgrades: 1. i5 560m. 2. i7 640M. Both CPU's are socket compatible with my laptop, so can I go ahead and install the processor? Basically, I'm asking is there any upgrade limitations that I should be aware of? Acer website did not provide any information regarding this topic.
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  1. No you cant. Very few laptops are upgradeable as far as CPU and GPU go. Memory, hard drives are easy. Im highly doubting Acer is one of the manufactureres that allows the CPU to be changed out. Usually its soldered to the motherboard.
  2. Sounds like an ineresting venture! Normally everything should go well, if the CPU socket is the same it should work. One thing I can suggest you look into is the cooling solution.
    I did a similar job on this old Toshiba Satelite A40 I had in the office. It had a crappy Celeron 1.8GHz installed on it and I popped in a Pentium 4 HT 3.00GHz. The laptop works well but every so often it pops up a message about the cooling solution not working correctly. After a restart the message goes away but I don't really care if the laptop is damaged!
    You may want to look into that before starting, otherwise I can't think of anything.
    Good Luck!
  3. So hos did it go? Cause I am facing slowness too, I just put in ssd and will see how it goes. Tell me about the CPU change.
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