Dedicated or Shared Video Memory?


I am looking at new laptops, and I have found two different Intel Video memory types:

Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 3000 with 128MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1


Intel® HD graphics
Feature 64-1696MB shared video memory for lush images and vivid detail. HDMI output allows connection to an HDTV.

I know that dedicated memory is generally better, but this is so small, which would be better? I will be doing some 3d modelling, and game developement.
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    The Intel HD 3000 actually does not have dedicated memory. It shares the L3 cache with the CPU.

    If the description of the graphics core just states "Intel HD graphics", then it is most likely referring to a graphic that's older than the Intel HD 3000 (found on 2nd generation Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs). Let's just call it the "Intel HD 1000"; it's also known as the Intel GMA HD. That means it is slower than the Intel HD 3000 and it is found in laptop using 1st generation Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs.

    The newer laptops based on the latest Ivy Bridge CPUs has an updated Intel HD 4000 graphic core and is roughly 35% - 40% more powerful than the older Intel HD 3000 found in Sandy Bridge CPUs. As a desktop comparison, the Intel HD 3000 is basically equivalent to a Radeon HD 5450 while the Intel HD 4000 is around as powerful as a Radeon HD 5550.
  2. Are there any <$500 laptops that use Ivy Bridge?
  3. Nope.

    You might want to consider laptops using AMD's Llano APUs. Their CPU core is weaker than an Intel CPU (about 20% slower assuming same # of cores and clock speed), but even the lowest end A4 APUs have graphic cores faster than the Intel HD 3000.

    The Trinity APUs will be replacing Llano APUs relatively soon; laptops should be coming out this month. The CPU core will be stronger than Llano and the graphic cores are also a bit more powerful. But I'm not sure if Trinity laptops will be sold for $500 or less.
  4. Ok, then. Which is better?

    AMD Radeon HD 6480G

    AMD Radeon HD 6320

    or AMD Radeon HD 6520G discrete-class.

    And also, will it meet these requirements?

    ATI Radeon HD 2x00 or better*
    nVidia 7800 or better*
    Intel Series 4 integrated graphics or better*
  5. Since they are all Radeon HD 6xxx series, the higher the model, the more powerful the graphic core. The HD 6320 is only found in netbooks I think. Netbooks aren't really good for anything demanding.

    Yes, any of them will meet the graphic requirements. It's a bit odd that the nVidia GT 7800 is listed because it is a pretty powerful card compare to the "Intel Series 4", and the Radeon HD 2x00 is rather vague since the "x" can represent any number.
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