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Hello. Dell XPS M1530 overheating.

It will always downclock to 800mhz and sit around 60c. I fixed it with Throttle Stop and laptop cooling pad. I took bottom cover off over CPU and GPU and point fan on it.

Should fan suck air or blow air ontop CPu?
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    Air should be blown onto the CPU.

    You may need to replace the thermal paste on the heat sink which can deteriorate over time. That means taking out the heat sink, cleaning off the old thermal paste and apply new thermal paste. I generally recommend Arctic Silver 5.
  2. This was done with something similar from bestbuy. It continues to overheat. Im able to keep it at 2ghz out of 2.4 and around 80c with a fan blowing on it.

    Thank you for letting me know about the air flow, I didnt know if sucking the air might help more.
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