Intel b940/b950 - good enough for full HD playback?

Can the processors b940 or b950 handle full HD videos without any stuttering or framing. Or will it be depending on the processor for playback.

I was thinking of buying a laptop based on them which would be mainly used for web browsing and movie watching. Max budget is $450.
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  1. Is there any laptop that have a B950 paired with a Full Hd Screen???? I dont think so.
  2. ^^ - I would be using the laptop while traveling. I want it to playback the full HD videos that I will capture using my digital camera. The format would be AVCHD. I dont need a laptop with full HD resolution screen. I just need to view those videos. Along with that I want the CPU/GPU to be capable of handling 720p/1080p youtube videos. Hope that clarifies the question.
  3. Farah1x said:
    Hello there,
    You can go to Laptop Price List for good selection. But I recommend you to buy Asus A53Z-AS61 Mocha (15.6″ 1366×768, A6-3420M, 6GB DDR3, 750GB HDD, Win7-64 Premium).
    It is much better option than Intel B950/B940 with HD3000 for movie playback and it is cheap.

    It is a Quadcore AMD CPU with fast GPU embedded.


    Thank you for the extensive list. The AMD quad core seems to be cheap. Will check lappies based on that too ...
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