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I want to know if I could open up the MSI Gt70 and stick another 675m in there for SLI, or if thats not an option could I later on in like replace the 675m with a newer GPU?
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  1. I don't think it's that easy on a laptop - no second PCI slot - no sli bridge.
    It is rumoured that there are a few high end sli and crossfire-x cards such as the GTX 680m sli, 675m sli, HD 7970m-CF. These cards are top$$ and have high power requirements so that would have to be checked before purchasing and almost all information I can find about them seems somewhat in conflict - here is a listing of mobile GPU's "available"
    ... if you can find any of those cards (finding new laptop parts is tricky at best). I could find no hardward specific (which I think would be needed) info about mobile sli/x-fire cards either.
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