BSOD 0x00000074 help

Every time I boot My Dell Studio 1558
it comes up with BSOD and the error code of 0x00000074 and something about Memory Dumping,this keeps happening in a cycle, safe mode doesn't work and the windows 7 re installation disk can't fix the problem either

Specs: Dell Studio 1558
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
4Gb Ram 2x2
Intel Core i3 proccesor
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  1. have you tried to just format and re-install windows?

    could be corrupt windows, bad ram, possibly bad hard drive.

    easiest thing to test first is taking out one stick of ram, still have issues? then put the other one in on its own and try again.

    still not working? then try re-installing windows 7, you dont have to format if you have files that you wish to keep. and if that does not work might be a bad hard drive, which there are a bunch of boot discs you can find online to test it with.
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