Where can I get an Asus GPU fan???

Hi There,

I got an Asus GeForce2 GTS V7700 Series Graphic Card. The circular fan on the GPU went bad and started making grinding noise ever so often. I tried cleaning it, but still makes the annoying noise. I now want to replace the fan. Where can I buy a similar fan for my Graphic card? You guys know of any good place? I need the fan with the three wires (red, black, and blue)and has three holes on the connector plug so I can connect it into the pins on the graphic card. Can I buy an exact fan from Asus???
Fans that don't have the three wires or cannot connect into my graphic card pins, creates problems I think. I tried a Vantec which has two wires. I connect the wires into one of the plug available on my computer power supply, and some of my installed program softwares became unstable, sometime giving me weird errors. I think the third wire has something to do with the control speed of the GPU fan. Please help!!!

Thanks for your help.
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  1. The third wire (yellow) is to detect speed it shouldn't have effect on it.
    I have to replace mine in FX5200 with a ventec iceberq, in overclockers.co.uk.

    I love my pc
    but my pc hates me...
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