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I would like to ask the community a small favor.
Can you guys find me a laptop below or at $1700 that can run Battlefield 3 at 60fps (ULTRA PRESET)?
I know im asking for alot but if it can stable 60 FPS im good :)
I don't care about details such as screen size, looks might matter, but meh, also I don't care where bought from, as long as available in the USA.
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    Best you can get. If you can afford another $200 choose GTX 680M on the Graphics Card. If not, get the 7970M.
    Edit: Even with the 680M, you'll only get about 45-50 FPS average when playing BF3 on ultra. I'm sorry, but you're out of luck.
  2. it's not going to happen. not at ULTRA settings anyway.
    you either have to lower the settings or raise the budget.

    Remember that a Mobile graphics card performance is alot lower that its desktop version.

    a 7970m =/= 7970
    its roughly 1/2 the performance of the desktop card.

    a 7970m will only get around 40fps on ULTRA @1080

    I would say something at about the $2000 mark will run High i think ultra @1080p will be very hard even in a top of the range laptop ($3000+),3063.html
  3. what about a $1900 budget?
  4. im thinking you are going to need to get SLI/crossfire high end mobile graphics cards to pull this off, which means you wallet is going to get raped pretty hard
  5. Is there any company BESIDES alienware (cause they are holes, I don't need "triple raid ssd" or the latest "extreme" processor, I just want the GPU power.) That has like dual-gpu laptops?
  6. Basically over priced Alienware laptops are based of Clevo/Sager. Need to find a reseller, or a computer store that’ll be able to order from some company's/sites who don’t sell directly to consumers.

    Some of the sites I could find. There should be more out there.

    Good hunting.
  7. =/ I gotta get
    a gaming notebook that can achieve this, I am always on the go which is why I scrapped my desktop computer build idea.
  8. Sorry but it's not gonna happen at $1700. I'm not sure what the costs are in the U.S. But you will definitely need a laptop with a dual card like the 6990 or 590. I'm not sure where they are at with the new generation aka 7990 or 690 for laptops.
  9. What laptops that are NOT alienware currently have 7970m's?
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