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About a year and half ago, I bought a brand new HP Pavilion dv6-1100 and it worked well for about a year (just long enough for the warranty to expire).

After that, I started having issues with it, including it getting too hot on the bottom (even though I had it on a fan pedestal), and sounding as if it were running at full capacity all the time. Every so often, especially toward the end, it would randomly shut off. Usually after a few minutes of cooling down, it would start up again and I wouldn't have any problems for a while.

Eventually, even after cleaning the fan with canned air, the laptop shut off and refused to boot to Windows again. I took it in for diagnosis and was told the motherboard was fried. I retrieved all my data from the hard drive and let the computer sit for quite a while. I've only just begun to try to figure out what went wrong, in case it might not be the motherboard/fan that are the problem.

The laptop currently (with harddrive removed) will start up for roughly three seconds, then shut off again. Once in a blue moon, it will bring up an error screen stating that the harddrive is missing (which it is). At this point, it will run diagnostics, but will usually shut off as per usual after a few minutes.

There is no problem with the battery or the power cable - both work just fine.

All this to say, I really have very little idea of what is wrong with the laptop, or how (or even if) I should repair it. I would just like to understand what is potentially going on with it before I decide how to proceed from here. One thing's for sure - this is the last HP I buy. They are very poorly designed.

Any help in this regard would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. I think you were on the right path by clearing dust out of the CPU heatsink.

    Suggest you open the PC up (remove a million screws) until you can see to CPU heatsink. Clean it off. make sure fan is spinning, air passages are clear, etc.

    If the laptop is still overheating then remove the heatsink, clean off the old thermal pad, replace with with artic silver (newegg $7-$10) and see if that fixes it.

    Do same process with heatsink over video.
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