Laptop: cpu vs ram vs graphics adapter vs ssd

pls help me with this,

I am debating between an ultrabook with dual-core i7/i5 processors with ssd but no dedicated graphics adapter (4 RAM max, onboard)


regular laptops with quad-core i7/i5 processors with traditional hard drive running 5400-7200 rpm (up to 8 RAM, two slots)

Which one is better in general? I use it mostly for Office, the Internet and some games (and some basic Photoshop manipulation and stat packages like STATA for school)


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    For your uses minus games, a ssd would feel faster even with less ram and slower cpu. Depending on what games, you may need a beefier gpu. You could always install your own ssd although you'd probably want a laptop with 2 hdd bays for more capacity.
  2. Got it k1114.

    I'll do just that, making a SSD drive the top priority over RAM or CPU.

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