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I have a broadband connection, and I am using XP+SP2 (home edition) and
Outlook Express + all the patches. For some reason which I do not
understand I frequently find that I am informed that I have no connection
try again. Trying again always works, of course. Moreover, every so often
I am told that I have a broad band connection, as though the connection had
been lost and had been re-established. I also find that some HTML files,
which are supposed to download 100 graphs, fail to download them all, so I
have to start again.

Has anybody experienced this sort of thing? I am at my wit's end (or is it
wits' end - lol, I have no idea how many wits I have)

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.broadbandnet.hardware (More info?)

    Check the lights on your modem. If one is flashing, it may be that your BT
    phoneline is duff. Complain to your ISP - it may not improve the BT line
    but you'll feel better for it.
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