Another college laptop selection thread.

This coming fall, I am going to be starting college.
My intended major (Chinese) is not computation heavy.
Basically I need a computer that I can use to: create basic word, powerpoint and excell douments, browse the web (including social networking), store my music library, watch movies occasionally, skype, and game occasionally(Skyrim would likely be the most demanding game). Finally (and most importantly), whatever laptop I decide on, I must be able to get Windows 7 Ultimate (because having Chinese fonts is a necessity for my major).

Price ceiling is around $1300.
I would prefer to have a computer on the smaller side (15" or under), but it is not a must. Eventually, I am planning on setting up a station with (at least) an external keyboard and monitor, so I don't really have a limit on the small end of the spectrum

I have been researching potential candidates, and after talking with some of my more tech-savvy friends, I was nearly set on the Lenovo Thinkpad X220, until I realized that it was much more than I needed. Then I found some other suitable candidates, but later read reviews, which stated that they lacked some of the things that I wanted in my computer.

Customization is prefered.

I realize that this may be quite demanding, but any and all input is greatly appreciated. If I left anything out, please let me know!
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  1. Are you sure you need Windows 7 Ultimate? I type in Korean and Japanese just fine on my Home Premium and Professional machines. I think Ultimate is only needed if you want to install the language packs which change absolutely everything in the Windows interface to the target language. But if you just want to type in another language in Word or your browser or something, then all you need is the IME, which is available on all versions except maybe Starter.

    What games do you want to play on what settings? That's probably the most demanding thing you're going to be doing on your computer so that will decide the specs you need.
  2. Really? I heard today at BestBuy, that Ultimate was needed for the fonts.. Which, admittedly, confused me because I doubt that my old high school had Ultimate for the entire network.

    I'm not entirely sure, I'm guessing Skyrim is going to be the most demanding. Honestly I would be okay with the lower settings, because gaming isn't a major priority. Higher settings would be prefered, but are not necessary.
  3. Yeah I wouldn't trust the guy at Best Buy ;)

    There's a fantastic coupon available for the HP dv6 and dv7 right now.

    Ivy Bridge i7 Quad Core, 8GB Ram, GT 650m, 750GB hybrid hard drive, 1080p matte screen, bluetooth, Blu-ray, all for about $1,000 with the NBQ5952 coupon code.
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